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On June 28, I visited the office of Dr. Double due to prolonged pain & progressive pain in doing simple maneuvers. It was very difficult getting out of the cars, making plant beds, making ordinary beds, changing sheets, climbing stairs, cleaning, vacuuming and other household chores. It is now September and I am returning to a more ordinary lifestyle and generally feeling better all over. Dr. Double is very patient answering any and all questions and advising with exercises to improve my therapy. I am grateful to be in better health and comfort. -Jan C.

January 28, 2013 I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia since 2005. I was at a point in my physical health that I had trouble walking and suffered a lot of pain every day. I decided to try Dr. Brad Double’s office to see if anything could be done. After consulting with him on my first visit, he suggested different treatments. One that he felt would be most helpful was called auriculotherapy. He explained the procedure and at first I was very skeptical. I have had two treatments and they have produced miraculous results. My pain level has been greatly reduced. I am so grateful for Dr. Double to be able to offer this type of treatment. My life, energy and capabilities are so improved in the three months I have been going to Dr. Double’s office. Respectfully, Janet

In December of 2007, I had a liver transplant and a few months later I had an intestine blockage and ended back in the U. of M. hospital. they had to take out 18 inches of my colon intestine. I developed chronic back pain. My lower back, up through the middle of my back, along with my shoulder and neck were very painful. I had headaches at night that were continually coming back. I had one of my arms lose feeling and went limp as well. I was at a restaurant a week later and while going out to my vehicle I tried to get my keys out of my pocket and both arms went limp. Fortunately after a few minutes the feeling came back. My son has a friend who recommended Double Chiropractic and my son made me an appointment. I went for x-rays that shown that my spine was in bad shape. Within a couple of months I had very little backache and no more headaches! It got to be no more pain and I was down to once weekly for long term care. In the spring of 2010 I was diagnosed with the beginning stages of colon cancer. The U. of M. hospital scheduled an operation for January 11, 2011 to remove my colon. The removal of the colon went well, however after eating food, they found that I had blockage in my stomach. They pumped it out through a tube in my nose. After a few weeks it was still blocked so they decided to go back in and try to find the blockage. During the operation they found my Bio Duct was leaking into my stomach so they inserted a feeding tube into my stomach. Two days later the stomach tube somehow got pulled out! The doctors rushed me into emergency surgery. The doctors worried that it wasn't enough time for healing of the incision to heal enough so they could perform emergency surgery in only two days. The doctors said by all rights I should have died because of the bio leak. Thanks to the fast healing process and me being so thin they were able to operate and place the feeding tube back in place before the bio leaked out. Thanks for being a part of my miraculous recovery. Thank you Double Chiropractic! I love you all Donovan B

Just started care couple of weeks ago. Already noticing a difference. Friendly staff clean environment and very helpful Doctors. Will continue care for sure. Comes highly recommend by many of my friends and coworkers. I will also let others know about this place as well. Dawn Schaerer

I had whiplash from a recent car accident and my neck hurt. I knew that I needed chiropractic care and friends recommended Dr. Double. I also had some other complaints, my lower back ached and I wasn't standing as straight and tall as I had in my younger years. "Stop stooping", my sister would say., but it was uncomfortable to straighten up for any length of time. My typical response was, "It's arthritis and I can't do anything about that except take anti-inflammatories." Ah, the inevitable effects of aging! X-Rays and muscle testing showed that my problems were not only the result of whiplash from a couple of accidents, but also from a lifetime of wear and tear. Dr. Double designed a therapeutic program for me and treatment began right away. My vertebrae got "thumped and jackhammered," haha...but very soon I started to get a larger range of motion in my neck. Dr. Double certainly knows what he is doing. I look forward to my appointments. The staff is friendly and caring. Every procedure is explained beforehand and my comfort is a priority. I am now about five weeks into treatment and the pain in my neck is no longer acute, but only a periodic, dull ache. Most surprising, however, is that I am standing straighter with less discomfort. Other people notice it too! That's MAJOR. Dr. Double says that the effects of arthritis can be lessened and you know what? He's absolutely right! -Ruth D.

Dr. Double educated me on the whats and whys of my back pain. He set up with me a plan to heal the damage that was done and explained what I needed to do. My injury happened the first part of March of this year and by the end of April, I was almost out of pain. He was very thorough and direct with me in an empathetic manner that encouraged me the entire time of treatment. He is the best chiropractor that I have ever been treated by, and I have had many, with the difference being his in depth knowledge and passion for your wellness. His staff is very accommodating and is great to work with for scheduling and billing. I would highly recommend Dr. Double to anyone. -Maura G.

I learned of Dr. Double from a friend who told my husband, You see how important it is to share good news. I was having a great deal of pain, and I was told by my old Doctor who is a MD that he could not help me. But since coming in to see Dr. Double all my pains are gone. Thank you so much Dr D. I have my life back. -Ruth C.